Member Spotlight June: Jen Wallace

By Lauren Brooks


Member Highlight: Jennifer Brown

Jen has done CrossFit for a few years, but she knows what it takes to come back from taking time off and being patient with her own limitations and taking baby steps toward where she once was.  We asked Jen to tell us why she does CrossFit and she said, “For me, CrossFit is the most well rounded, multi functional form of exercise there is. I love the challenge it brings, and the workouts are always different.  I love to achieve personal records and the competitive and friendly nature of the community.  CrossFit makes me feel fulfilled, strong and accomplished—like no other workout has. 

Jen, how has CrossFit impacted your life?

CrossFit has changed my life in many ways.  My mental focus is sharper and I feel more driven.  Emotionally and physically, I feel like a badass because I am strong and fit; therefore I feel empowered to achieve anything.  Before CrossFit, I couldn’t run more than two blocks without knee pain, now I can run two miles and pain free!

Jen, why did you choose Axis CrossFit?

Before Axis CrossFit, I worked out at a different CrossFit box.  It was a competitive box, with many athletes and members.  While this was inspiring to work alongside, little focus or coaching was given to other members who weren’t competitors.  For me this began to feel negative and un-motivating. 

Axis is a place for everyone—from the fittest athlete to those just getting started in CrossFit or perhaps in a stage of recovery from an injury.  There is always something for you.  

It is a positive place to be and the group of people that coach and work out here are a bunch of incredible people.  I am constantly challenged and pushed beyond my abilities, my form continually improves and I am achieving personal records beyond my imagination.  My day is missing something without some Axis in it

Thank you Jen, for sharing your passion for CrossFit with us!  Your joy and encouraging spirit continually encourage us and our Axis CrossFit community!  We love the transformation process and so proud of how strong you are becoming!