Member Spotlight May: Tim Duffy

By Lauren Brooks


We are so proud of the amazing progress that Tim has made in the last few months so we wanted to highlight Tim Duffy in our Member Spotlight.  Tim has been a member at Axis CrossFit for about 5 months and has improved so much in that time.  The most impressive thing to see, as a coach, is Tim’s dedication and consistency in his training and to see his hard work pay off.  Tim comes in 3 -4 days a week and is committed to improving his form and open to trying any new movement.  Among some of his newest achievements, Tim has recently started stringing kipping pull-ups together!


We asked Tim if he would respond to a couple questions about why he does CrossFit.  Tim does CrossFit because “it makes him stronger and more confident” and he loves the “combination of strength and cardio in one intense workout”.  When asked how CrossFit has changed his life, Tim replied that “his coaches, peers, and even the exercises themselves demand that [he] push himself harder every session and that [he] makes some type of progress, no matter how small it may be [as well as the fact] that CrossFit is fun!” 


Thank you Tim for being such an encouraging part of our community and a great example for each of us to push ourselves to do our best and give it our all in every workout—the hard work is paying off!