A Rookie Year at Regionals: Jevon Hetland


By Lauren Brooks



This weekend is the Reebok CrossFit Games California Regional in Del Mar, California.  This year will be especially exciting, as one of our own, Jevon Hetland will be making her Regional debut!  After completing five weeks of grueling workouts in the CrossFit Open, Jevon has placed 20th overall in the Southern California Region, out of 6,061 women, putting her in the top .3% of individual female athletes. 


Jevon’s tenacity and competitive nature was her main drive during her training this year.  Training alongside her fellow athletes on her competitive team, suffering alongside each other throughout the year made all the hard training worth it.  However, it was not the team that qualified for Regionals, but just Jevon.  Jevon shared that knowing that she is going up against some of the top CrossFit athletes in the game (no pun intended) is frightening, however this past year has taught her how to train and think as a high level competitor, where she has learned how to not compare herself or doubt her capabilities as an athlete. 


This has been a busy year for Jevon as well, as she has helped open up Axis CrossFit, just 8 months ago, as well as completing her Master’s degree in Kinesiology, while working full time and often long hours as a Certified Athletic Trainer.  She has managed to find the time to train and eat effectively and efficiently even with her demanding schedule this year.  The most difficult part this year for Jevon was finding the time to train but that what made it fun and enjoyable was working out with friends.  She said that it has not been easy balancing all of her responsibilities and training, but she is so grateful for here coaches, friends and the CrossFit community she has, who have supported and encouraged her through the tough times.


We could not be more proud of all of Jevon’s hard work this past year, putting in hours of training amidst her busy schedule and earning her spot at the California Regional!  She may not be the biggest athlete or the strongest athlete out there this weekend, but she has a lot of heart and grit, which has earned her a spot out on the Regional floor.  The workouts this weekend have heavier weights and more strict movement standards than ever before at Regionals and will prove to be challenging, but Jevon has every intention of doing her best and leaving everything out on the competition floor.  She is a fierce competitor, but she typically remains composed—making difficult movements look effortless.  We are so excited to cheer her on this weekend!

Our prayer for you this weekend is that your muscles are strong and your spirit stronger!  We are so proud of you! (Britt and I may be the loudest cheerleaders there, but don’t let us distract you!)