A New Years Fitness Revolution: Turning Resolutions into Revolutions

By Brittany Marsh & Lauren Brooks

By Brittany Marsh & Lauren Brooks

We so often create resolutions that are more like a wish list than an actionable plan. Wishing and hoping for that toned beach body versus committing to an action plan that can get you the results you desire. This New Year presents a great opportunity to revolutionize your fitness resolutions. Follow our tips below to help you commit to your New Year's fitness resolutions in 2017.


We've all heard that saying, that it's about the journey, not the destination, but that is one of the hardest things to realize when you just want the results and not all the hard work that goes in to achieving those results. The more clear your direction is, the greater the potential to actually achieve your goals.  I like to ask myself this question; "How would my life be different if I achieve that goal," and then write down my answers. Often times this process of creating new goals for yourself is actually the most under-utilized and the most important for keeping you motivated. When you know what your goals are and you have a plan to achieve those goals, you are more likely to achieve them. What are your goals for 2017? How would you feel if you achieved those goals? 


I find it so much easier to try new things with someone else. We all get nervous from time to time, especially about trying to new things.  But trying out a new gym, a new workout routine, eating The Whole 30 diet can be challenging on your own, but enjoyable with a friend. Making commitments with others is so motivating because you can discuss how hard it is, fun it is, rewarding it is, etc. We all lose steam or motivation at one point or another during the process of working toward our goals, but having a friend to keep us motivated and accountable can be so helpful. One of the things I love about doing CrossFit is that I have a community of people that I look forward to seeing and training with every day. Having community built in makes it easier to wake up in the morning and make sure I get my workouts in because I know I have friends who will be asking where I was and what my time was. Make your goals easier by doing it with friends or finding friends who love the same things you do! 


Studies show that getting into a new routine is often the hardest part of creating a habit and that it can take anywhere from 21 to 90 days to create a habit. Set a specific amount of time to commit to a routine so it becomes habit forming and is incorporated into your everyday life. It is important to note that any health or fitness goal takes time, because your body has to learn to adjust to the new fitness routine or new eating habits.   


Having measurable goals is important for sustaining motivation and truly seeing the results you desire. We typically see results after about 90 days of someone doing CrossFit, because of the time it takes the body to develop proficiency in the movements and skills. The body is also changing in composition, as it is burning fat and replacing it with muscle, which in turn burns more fat. For developing your fitness goals, ask your trainer what a good baseline would be, based on your goals and fitness plan. For nutrition goals, your weight, Body Mass Index, and/or body measurements is always a good place to start.


Once you've committed to your time frame and figured out a way to measure your goals get started! Once you've reached the end of your commitment, create a space to reassess your current plan and adjust for your goals accordingly. Is the commitment you've made realistic for your goals? Are you able to sustain this direction over time? Allowing room to readjust once you've completed your initial commitment, sets you up for continued success on your health and fitness journey. We love helping people work toward their goals, so please feel free to reach out if you are interested in how we can assist you!