A New Years Fitness Revolution: Turning Resolutions into Revolutions

By Brittany Marsh & Lauren Brooks

By Brittany Marsh & Lauren Brooks

We so often create resolutions that are more like a wish list than an actionable plan. Wishing and hoping for that toned beach body versus committing to an action plan that can get you the results you desire. This New Year presents a great opportunity to revolutionize your fitness resolutions. Follow our tips below to help you commit to your New Year's fitness resolutions in 2017.


We've all heard that saying, that it's about the journey, not the destination, but that is one of the hardest things to realize when you just want the results and not all the hard work that goes in to achieving those results. The more clear your direction is, the greater the potential to actually achieve your goals.  I like to ask myself this question; "How would my life be different if I achieve that goal," and then write down my answers. Often times this process of creating new goals for yourself is actually the most under-utilized and the most important for keeping you motivated. When you know what your goals are and you have a plan to achieve those goals, you are more likely to achieve them. What are your goals for 2017? How would you feel if you achieved those goals? 


I find it so much easier to try new things with someone else. We all get nervous from time to time, especially about trying to new things.  But trying out a new gym, a new workout routine, eating The Whole 30 diet can be challenging on your own, but enjoyable with a friend. Making commitments with others is so motivating because you can discuss how hard it is, fun it is, rewarding it is, etc. We all lose steam or motivation at one point or another during the process of working toward our goals, but having a friend to keep us motivated and accountable can be so helpful. One of the things I love about doing CrossFit is that I have a community of people that I look forward to seeing and training with every day. Having community built in makes it easier to wake up in the morning and make sure I get my workouts in because I know I have friends who will be asking where I was and what my time was. Make your goals easier by doing it with friends or finding friends who love the same things you do! 


Studies show that getting into a new routine is often the hardest part of creating a habit and that it can take anywhere from 21 to 90 days to create a habit. Set a specific amount of time to commit to a routine so it becomes habit forming and is incorporated into your everyday life. It is important to note that any health or fitness goal takes time, because your body has to learn to adjust to the new fitness routine or new eating habits.   


Having measurable goals is important for sustaining motivation and truly seeing the results you desire. We typically see results after about 90 days of someone doing CrossFit, because of the time it takes the body to develop proficiency in the movements and skills. The body is also changing in composition, as it is burning fat and replacing it with muscle, which in turn burns more fat. For developing your fitness goals, ask your trainer what a good baseline would be, based on your goals and fitness plan. For nutrition goals, your weight, Body Mass Index, and/or body measurements is always a good place to start.


Once you've committed to your time frame and figured out a way to measure your goals get started! Once you've reached the end of your commitment, create a space to reassess your current plan and adjust for your goals accordingly. Is the commitment you've made realistic for your goals? Are you able to sustain this direction over time? Allowing room to readjust once you've completed your initial commitment, sets you up for continued success on your health and fitness journey. We love helping people work toward their goals, so please feel free to reach out if you are interested in how we can assist you! 

Member Spotlight June: Jen Wallace

By Lauren Brooks


Member Highlight: Jennifer Brown

Jen has done CrossFit for a few years, but she knows what it takes to come back from taking time off and being patient with her own limitations and taking baby steps toward where she once was.  We asked Jen to tell us why she does CrossFit and she said, “For me, CrossFit is the most well rounded, multi functional form of exercise there is. I love the challenge it brings, and the workouts are always different.  I love to achieve personal records and the competitive and friendly nature of the community.  CrossFit makes me feel fulfilled, strong and accomplished—like no other workout has. 

Jen, how has CrossFit impacted your life?

CrossFit has changed my life in many ways.  My mental focus is sharper and I feel more driven.  Emotionally and physically, I feel like a badass because I am strong and fit; therefore I feel empowered to achieve anything.  Before CrossFit, I couldn’t run more than two blocks without knee pain, now I can run two miles and pain free!

Jen, why did you choose Axis CrossFit?

Before Axis CrossFit, I worked out at a different CrossFit box.  It was a competitive box, with many athletes and members.  While this was inspiring to work alongside, little focus or coaching was given to other members who weren’t competitors.  For me this began to feel negative and un-motivating. 

Axis is a place for everyone—from the fittest athlete to those just getting started in CrossFit or perhaps in a stage of recovery from an injury.  There is always something for you.  

It is a positive place to be and the group of people that coach and work out here are a bunch of incredible people.  I am constantly challenged and pushed beyond my abilities, my form continually improves and I am achieving personal records beyond my imagination.  My day is missing something without some Axis in it

Thank you Jen, for sharing your passion for CrossFit with us!  Your joy and encouraging spirit continually encourage us and our Axis CrossFit community!  We love the transformation process and so proud of how strong you are becoming! 

A Rookie Year at Regionals: Jevon Hetland


By Lauren Brooks



This weekend is the Reebok CrossFit Games California Regional in Del Mar, California.  This year will be especially exciting, as one of our own, Jevon Hetland will be making her Regional debut!  After completing five weeks of grueling workouts in the CrossFit Open, Jevon has placed 20th overall in the Southern California Region, out of 6,061 women, putting her in the top .3% of individual female athletes. 


Jevon’s tenacity and competitive nature was her main drive during her training this year.  Training alongside her fellow athletes on her competitive team, suffering alongside each other throughout the year made all the hard training worth it.  However, it was not the team that qualified for Regionals, but just Jevon.  Jevon shared that knowing that she is going up against some of the top CrossFit athletes in the game (no pun intended) is frightening, however this past year has taught her how to train and think as a high level competitor, where she has learned how to not compare herself or doubt her capabilities as an athlete. 


This has been a busy year for Jevon as well, as she has helped open up Axis CrossFit, just 8 months ago, as well as completing her Master’s degree in Kinesiology, while working full time and often long hours as a Certified Athletic Trainer.  She has managed to find the time to train and eat effectively and efficiently even with her demanding schedule this year.  The most difficult part this year for Jevon was finding the time to train but that what made it fun and enjoyable was working out with friends.  She said that it has not been easy balancing all of her responsibilities and training, but she is so grateful for here coaches, friends and the CrossFit community she has, who have supported and encouraged her through the tough times.


We could not be more proud of all of Jevon’s hard work this past year, putting in hours of training amidst her busy schedule and earning her spot at the California Regional!  She may not be the biggest athlete or the strongest athlete out there this weekend, but she has a lot of heart and grit, which has earned her a spot out on the Regional floor.  The workouts this weekend have heavier weights and more strict movement standards than ever before at Regionals and will prove to be challenging, but Jevon has every intention of doing her best and leaving everything out on the competition floor.  She is a fierce competitor, but she typically remains composed—making difficult movements look effortless.  We are so excited to cheer her on this weekend!

Our prayer for you this weekend is that your muscles are strong and your spirit stronger!  We are so proud of you! (Britt and I may be the loudest cheerleaders there, but don’t let us distract you!)

Member Spotlight May: Tim Duffy

By Lauren Brooks


We are so proud of the amazing progress that Tim has made in the last few months so we wanted to highlight Tim Duffy in our Member Spotlight.  Tim has been a member at Axis CrossFit for about 5 months and has improved so much in that time.  The most impressive thing to see, as a coach, is Tim’s dedication and consistency in his training and to see his hard work pay off.  Tim comes in 3 -4 days a week and is committed to improving his form and open to trying any new movement.  Among some of his newest achievements, Tim has recently started stringing kipping pull-ups together!


We asked Tim if he would respond to a couple questions about why he does CrossFit.  Tim does CrossFit because “it makes him stronger and more confident” and he loves the “combination of strength and cardio in one intense workout”.  When asked how CrossFit has changed his life, Tim replied that “his coaches, peers, and even the exercises themselves demand that [he] push himself harder every session and that [he] makes some type of progress, no matter how small it may be [as well as the fact] that CrossFit is fun!” 


Thank you Tim for being such an encouraging part of our community and a great example for each of us to push ourselves to do our best and give it our all in every workout—the hard work is paying off!

Starting a Fitness Routine

by Lauren Brooks



Beginning is often the hardest part of doing anything.  Taking the first step toward a new fitness program or a new health regime has its challenges, but being able to live a more healthy life within a community of people doing the same, creates accountability and encouragement that you might not have otherwise.



Stepping out into a world of unknowns, a flurry of questions and fears has risks, but if we take that step, it can mean transforming our lives in amazing ways.  I relate staring something new to doing burpees—no one wants to do burpees!  But as you’ll often hear me say, “one at a time” or “down and up” it breaks it down to one rep at a time.  If we are able to think of doing something new as “one rep at a time” it can seem more manageable.  Some days we need to be reminded that “one rep at a time” is exactly how we get through each workout and end up on the finish line.



Creating this gym, was a risk and a challenge, but has been an amazing experience of creating new friendships and community that we cannot imagine life without.  We love seeing the ways you all grow and improve, and are so encouraged by the way you constantly challenge yourselves and the Axis community.  Axis CrossFit may be small, but what we lack in size we overflow in encouragement, hard work, and camaraderie.  We are honored and proud to be your coaches. 



Whether you are training to lose more weight than a friend and win $1000 (Ameer), training and eating for your summer beach bod (Matt), training to get stronger (Tyler), training for your Stage Coach abs (Carl & Gerald), or coming back from a broken leg (Mom), training for your next race (Jeff & Josiah) or just staying fit for life (Jamie) we are here for you to guide you in those healthy lifestyle pursuits. 



Starting something new can be scary and challenging, but we are here to assist you in your CrossFit strength training and nutrition counseling.  We get to try, fail, and succeed in an encouraging community of people who are doing the same thing right along side us.


Your Challenge:  Try something new today, stretch your comfort zones and see what can happen!